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Thomas asks…

When is the best time for me to visit Japan? (From Dec.24-Jan.24)?

Watashi wa Ed-en desu,
yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (I’ve been practicing Jap! XD)

Onto the question(s):

My Fall semester ends in December and all finals end at the 23rd.
My Spring semester begins on January 26th.

So I’d like to know when the best time to go during that break is.
I was thinking late December, because I’ve heard Japan goes all out on New Years.

But is being there on New Years worth it?
-I’m mainly going for the food/culture/girls/snowboarding/on-sens and adventure. Does being there on New Years make my visit more fun?

-I’m planning to go for about 2 – 2(1/2) weeks.

Also ( if you have the time…)
-How much could I expect to pay for stay in a guesthouse(or cheaper) during that time?

How much money should I carry for day-to-day expenses?

*Mainly going to Karaoke, Clubs, Izakayas
*I’m going to buy sandwich materials, and water bottles in a supermarket to lower food costs
*I plan to use the shinkansen from Tokyo to Niigata prefecture for snowboarding/on-sens and back
*also will be using the yamanote line to get to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akibahara, and Roppongi; can you get to Roppongi using yamanote line?
And finally…

Should I INSTEAD just go during my next summer break? (May27-Aug10 – 2010) – but I really wanna go sooner :(

I’m planning in advance, because I’d rather not get chaotic later on in the year…

Arigatou Gozaimasu,

admin answers:

If you hate cold climate, Japanese winter is terrible to go out for trip to and fro. However, June is rainy season. It is not good time for traveling in Japan except Hokkaido.

In addition, from end-year around Dec29 to new year by Jan3 is one of most expensive time for lodging in Japanese popular sightseeing spots because of heavy local demand. You need to reserve reasonable ones quite in advance.

I think Jan4 to 25 would be better to avoid the above period. The place are not busy during the days so that you can enjoy to travel without hotel reservation in advance there.

You can go snowboarding on daytrip from Tokyo or stay the local onsen Ryokan near the playground.

Food for your thinking costs around Yen4000/day.
Karaoke or Internet cafe/Manga cafe would be aroud Yen3000/2 hours(including drink/meal)
Clubs, Discotiques or Maid cafe etc. Would be around Yen10000/2hours(standard fare only)

Rental snowboard outfits and lift tickets package would be Yen15000/day at popular playground in Niigata.

Roppongi has its Tokyo Metro station, not JR. From Shibuya, you need to go Ebisu by Yamanote line and change to Metro to Roppongi.

From Shinjuku, you take Metro O-edo line to Roppongi.
From Akihabara, you take Metro Hibiya line to there too.

You must be very careful for taking right direction to Roppongi.

Cheap guest houses(bed only) for foreigners are not often available out of Tokyo or such big cities. It would cost around Yen3000/night with room share.It is no privacy usually. You have to reserve it in advance
as those are always busy even such period. Or try Youth hostels.

Anyway you must try to stay normal Ryokan out of big city. It costs around Yen5000 to 7000/night with meal.

You have to think transportation fare and some entrance commision for sight seeing too.

In total, I think that it would be about Yen18000/day with some insurance without flight tickets. It is equal to US$200/day at this moment. It will fluctuate everyday though. If you’d like to play snowboard, you definitely come in Winter because you can’t do that in Summer there.

If you go far more than Niigata for sightseeing from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka etc. The budget must be increased higher due to transportation and some additional expense.

I think new year’s eve is not so special or fantastic in Japan. People go to shrine and/or temple in the midnight to pray new year’s resolution but that’s all. No fireworks, no countdown like NYC or else in public. It is rather quiet except bars.

Nancy asks…

Which state should we choose?

Two of my friends and I are looking to relocate to another state. We all live in California now and one grew up in Arizona so those states are out. We we’re thinking about Kentucky but the community college prices are way too high. Then I was thinking North Carolina, until I got a lot of negative feedback from people that live there. We’re all young just looking for adventure and wanting to see new things and basically get some life experience. We’re only looking to go for a couple years to at least get our aa/as degree done and transfer to a university. We want to go somewhere that the living costs are low (compared to Orange County, California), the school is a decent price and accredited, and jobs are available. Not great jobs or anything, just something to get us by.

I find that the best resource for things like this come not from google, but from the people that live there. Any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Any ideas????
Oh and it has to have low crime rates!! And the size of the town/city doesn’t matter either.

admin answers:

I would definitely recommend giving North Carolina a try. Ignore those negative feedbacks.

I’m a California resident myself and I went to Raleigh, NC for a vacation and I fell in love with NC. I would highly recommend it!

If not, there’s always Texas!! ^_^

Michael asks…

Summer camps in north Georgia??

i’m looking for a summer adventure camp..preferably for girls but coed is ok too. the cost has to be around $1500 or lower and i’m planning to go there for 2-3 weeks. it needs to be in northwest georgia or near the alabama/georgia line or on the tennessee/georgia line. just as long as its near NW georgia..thanks!

admin answers:


Try this site, camp Strong Rock, looked appropriate, however, I’m unaware of your age.

Susan asks…


Week 1 Project – Problem Solving in Illinois


In your Week 1 Project you will be asked to examine information about Superman and Chicago to write and solve algebraic expressions.

Finish one section of this project each day and submit your completed project in Lesson 5. You may print this syllabus or save a copy to the hard drive of your computer. It might be a good idea to do both. If you save a copy, be sure to note the location you have saved it to so you can recall it later.

Day One
Hometown of Superman

The town of Metropolis, Illinois, was founded in 1839. It is a small town located in the southern part of the state on the Ohio River. Metropolis has an approximate population of 6500.

1. In the first Superman comic book, Superman arrives in a town named Metropolis. This comic book appeared on shelves n years after the 1839 founding of Metropolis, Illinois. Write an algebraic expression to represent the year the first Superman comic appeared.

2. Metropolis was officially declared the hometown of Superman (n – 65) years after the first comic appeared. (This is the same n from #1.) Use your expression from part #1 to write a new algebraic expression representing the year that Metropolis was declared Superman’s hometown. Simplify your expression by combining like terms.

3. Metropolis, Illinois, was declared Superman’s hometown in 1972. Use this information and your expression from #2 to solve for n.

Day Two

4. A 7-foot-tall statue of Superman was purchased in 1986. In 1993, a 15-foot tall bronze statue costing about $100,000 replaced it. The 15-foot statue cost 100 times more than the original statue. Write and solve an equation to find the cost of the original statue.

5. In 1948 a movie serial called The Adventures of Superman appeared. It had e episodes that were each about 16 minutes long. The total running time of the serial was 244 minutes. Write and solve an equation to find the number of episodes in the serial. (Round to the nearest whole number.)

Day Three

Chicago Skyline

At the time it was built, the Sears Tower in Chicago was the tallest building in the world.
Category Height (ft)
Height of highest occupied floor 1431
Height to top of roof 1450
Height to top of spire or antenna 1730

6. The height of the Sears Tower from the main entrance on the east side of the building to the top of the roof is 1450 ft. but the height from the west side of the tower to the roof is 1454 ft. This is because the street on the west side of the tower is y feet lower than the street on the east side. Write and solve an equation to find the difference in feet in the levels of the two streets.

7. Write and solve an equation to find the distance d from the top of the roof to the top of the antenna.

Day Four

The Sears Tower isn’t the only tall building in Chicago. The John Hancock Center and the Aon Center are also among the world’s tallest buildings.

8. The highest indoor swimming pool in the United States is on the 44th floor of the Hancock Center. Assume that each floor of the Hancock Center is h ft tall, and give the expression that tells the height at which the pool is located.

9. The Hancock Center has 46 residential floors, which is fewer than the total number of floors divided by 2. Using j for the total number of floors in the Hancock Center, write and solve an inequality that expresses the possible number of stories the Hancock Center has.

Day Five

Here is your final problem for the Week 1 Project:

10. The Superman statue in Metropolis is 15 feet tall. The roof of the Sears Tower in Chicago is 1450 feet from the ground. Write and solve an equation to find how many Superman statues, stacked on top of one another, it would take to reach the roof of the Sears tower.

Check over your work for all 10 problems in the Week 1 project and then submit to your instructor.

admin answers:

This might help:;_ylt=Ah8fexW63CMrJ8KXuNxNtQgjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080821120314AAMZlEh

Charles asks…

Help with Accounting Adjusting Entries!!?

July 1.
Tony purchases $17,000 of Great Adventures‘ (his own company along with Suzie as co-presidents) common stock by borrowing from a local bank using his personal vehicle as collateral.

Cash——> 17,000
Common stock——> 17,000

July 1.
Tony purchases $17,000($1 per stock) of Great Adventures‘ common stock by borrowing from a local bank using his personal vehicle as collateral.

Cash——> 17,000
Common Stock——-> 17,000

July 1.
Suzi purchases a one-year insurance policy for $5,160 ($430 per month) to cover injuries to participants during outdoor clinics.

Prepaid Insurance—> 5,160
Cash——————————-> 5,160

July 2.
The company pays legal fees of $1,800 associated with incorporation.

Legal Fees Expense—–> 1,800
Cash———————————> 1,800

July 4.
Suzie purchases office supplies of $1,100 on account.

Supplies——> 1,100
Accounts Payable——–> 1,100

July 7.
Suzie purchases advertising of $230 to a local newspaper for an upcoming mountain biking clinic to be held on July 15. Attendees will be charged $40 the day of the clinic.

Advertising Expense—-> 230
Cash———————————-… 230

July 8.
Tony purchases 10 mountain bikes, paying $11,400 cash.

Equipment—————-> 11,400
Cash———————————-… 11,400

July 15.
One the day of the clinic, Great Adventures receives cash of $2,400 from 60 bikers. Tony conducts the mountain biking clinic.

Revenue—————–> 2,400

July 22.
Because of the success of the first mountain biking clinic, Tony holds another mountain biking clinic and the compant receives $2,700.

Cash—————-> 2,700
Revenue———————–> 2,700

July 24.
Suzie pays advertising of $750 to a local radio station for a kayaking clinic to be held on August 10. Attendees can pay $150 in advance or $200 on the day of the clinic

Advertising expense———-> 750
Cash———————————-… 750

July 30.
Great Adventures receives cash of $12,000 in advance from 80 kayakers for the upcoming kayak clinic.

Cash———> 12,000
Unearned Revenue———–> 12,000

Aug 1.
Suzie apples for and obtains a $48,000 low-interest loan for the company from the city council, which has recently passed an initiative encouraging business development related to outdoor activities. The loan is due in 3 years, and 6% annual interest is due each year on July 31.

Cash—–> 48,000
Notes Payable——–> 48,000

Aug 4.
The company purchases 14 kayaks, costing $19,800.

Equipment——> 19,800
Cash —————————-> 19,800

Aug 10.
Twenty additional kayakers pay $3,800 ($190 each), in addition to the $12,000 that was paid in advance on July 30, on the day of the clinic. Tony conducts the first kayak clinic

Unearned Revenue—-> 12,000
Cash———————–> 3,800
Revenue——————————-… 15,800

Aug 24.
Office supplies of $1,100 purchased on July 4 are paid in full.

Accounts Payable—->1,100
Cash———————————-… 1,100

Dec 16.
The company pays Victor’s salary of $2,400

Salary expense—-> 2,400
Cash——————————> 2,400

Dec 31.
The company pays a dividend of $4,300 ($2,150 to Tony and $2,150 to Suzie).

Dividend (retained earnings)——-> 4,300
Cash—————————————–> 4,300

1. Depreciation of the mountain bikes purchased on July 8 and kayaks purchased on August 4 totals $8,300.
2. Six months’ worth of insurance has expired.
3. Four months’ worth of rent has expired.
4. Of the $1,100 of office supplies purchased on July 4, $220 remains.
5. Interest expense on the $48,000 loan obtained from the city council on August 1st shoud be recorded.
6. Of the $3,000 of racing supplies purchased on December 12, $210 remains.
7. Suzie calculates that the company owes $14,600 in income taxes.

If anyone could help me adjusts these entries that would be great I just am not understanding it so if there are some you would like to explain how you got (like the harder ones.) that would be great thanks!

admin answers:

That’s more like it.

1. Depreciation of the mountain bikes purchased on July 8 and kayaks purchased on August 4 totals $8,300.
Dr Depreciation Expense 8,300
Cr Accumulated Depreciation 8,300
2. Six months’ worth of insurance has expired.
6 x 430 = 2,580 adjustment
Dr Insurance Expense 2,580
Cr Prepaid Insurance 2,580
3. Four months’ worth of rent has expired.
There is no information about rent.
4. Of the $1,100 of office supplies purchased on July 4, $220 remains.
1,100 – 220 = 880 expense adjustment
Dr Office Supplies Expense 880
Cr Office Supplies 880
5. Interest expense on the $48,000 loan obtained from the city council on August 1st should be recorded.
Five months of interest has accrued.
48,000 x 6% x 5/12 = 1,200 accrued interest
Dr Interest Expense 1,200
Cr Interest Payable 1,200
6. Of the $3,000 of racing supplies purchased on December 12, $210 remains.
Dr Racing Supplies Expense 2,790
Cr Racing Supplies 2,790
7. Suzie calculates that the company owes $14,600 in income taxes.
Dr Income Tax Expense 14,600
Cr Income Tax Payable 14,600

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